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About our studio

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


LR Animation Studios Ltd. is a boutique animation studio dedicated to delivering captivating and dynamic animation solutions across diverse industries. With a commitment to creativity and innovation, LR Animation Studios seamlessly combines artistic flair with cutting-edge technology to produce visually stunning and engaging animations. Specializing in tailor-made, high-quality animations, the studio collaborates closely with clients to bring their visions to life. Whether it's crafting compelling marketing animations, educational content, or entertainment pieces, LR Animation Studios prides itself on its ability to transform ideas into immersive and visually striking animated experiences that leave a lasting impact on audiences. With a team of skilled animators and a passion for storytelling, LR Animation Studios sets itself apart by creating animations that not only meet but exceed the expectations of its clients.


Our Story

Established in 2014, we have been servicing client across the globe for nearly a decade. 

With a classically trained background in animation, Director Lewis Rogers runs a team of diversly skilled artists that cover the whole production line. We are designers, storyboard artists, animators, Vfx artists and most most importantly... storytellers. 

From corporate explainer videos, to industrial 3D demonstrations, to Giant screen visuals, our team has the skill set to turn your brief into an animated solution. 

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